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How to Distinguish True and False Copper Faucets?

Jun. 09, 2021

In our home life, we use faucets every day. The quality of faucets directly affects our daily life. Environmentally friendly water and healthy water are one of the sources of human health. It is to advocate a healthy and happy lifestyle. As everyone knows, in the current internationally popular faucet manufacturing process, copper alloy is still the dominant raw material. However, the main body of the high-end faucet is made of copper. Anyone with a little knowledge knows that copper has good ductility and sterilization. Features of disinfection.

Copper Hot and Cold Basin Faucet

Copper Hot and Cold Basin Faucet

Here, Copper Hot and Cold Basin Faucet Manufacturer, based on our own knowledge, provides you with a few methods for your reference.

1. Look: First of all, high-quality copper faucet, after polishing and electroplating, its surface is shiny and shiny, light can be seen, no corrosion, no oxidation spots, but alloys are not. Huandi faucet adopts the nation's top electroplating technology. Secondly, carefully observe whether the section interface of the faucet is a copper body. It is worth noting that there are many profiteers. In order to prevent this point from being exposed, the section interface is treated with electroplating or copper water. You can use a knife to scrape the section interface. One can judge its authenticity. The picture below is the copper cut surface of Huandi bathroom faucet:

2. Touch: The copper electroplated faucet feels heavier by hand. The faucet of the same volume is heavier. After the copper faucet is electroplated, the surface resistance is relatively large. After the stainless steel faucet is electroplated, the hand feels slippery.

3. Knock: Knock the main body of the faucet with your finger to see if the sound is dull. If the sound is crisp, it is made of stainless steel.

4. Question: If the price of the faucet is super cheap, but there is no special reason, you should be careful, because where is the price of copper.

5. Check: Check the fittings. The fittings (fasteners) of a good faucet are also made of copper or stainless steel. If it is made of iron, you have to be careful.

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